Wakaya Business Opportunity In Heard Island

Wakaya Business Opportunity and Wakaya, a 2,200 acres island located in the Fiji archipelago. This Island was uninhabited for 140 years until it was purchased by a wellness-advocate, founder of FIJI water and life-long entrepreneur David Gilmour and his wife.

The island is enriched with a  high concentration of volcanic soil. This contains highly beneficial minerals.  The elements traced on that soil are vital for human wellness and are plenty on the island soil. Wakaya organic ginger and Wakaya turmeric are grown here right in the nutrient-rich soil.

The purity of the island is ensured by the practice of organic farming.  This also allow the inhabitants to maintain a very robust health and also helps protect the culture of the Wakaya’s people. Farming here is practiced distinctly with the use of hand (no machinery is used). Fresh rainwater from a catchment system is used for crops processing as well as an irrigation source. Unlike most commercial and industrial centers Wakaya maintains an absolute pure and natural ecosystem. The enriched virgin volcanic soil produced the highly exceptional and unique product line generally called the Wakaya Perfection. All of the Wakaya products are free from environmental, industrial pollution and chemicals from pesticide or fertilizers. The Wakaya business opportunity is the sales force that helps market the Wakaya products to the world.

Also in the heart of the island is a small eco-friendly resorts that offers wakaya’s guest an experience of natural and pure discovery through a luxurious vacation in this pristine part of the world. The Wakaya club and Spa is a multi star private luxury resort that creates more than an exciting holiday experience for the guests.

Wakaya Business Opportunity in Heard Island

Wakaya Perfection Business Opportunity is the operating network marketing company that is expanding rapidly and growing fast. It provides you the opportunity of a business venture. Therefore, it adopts the method of network marketing which was proposed by Todd Smith the Wakaya Island owner. He is an accomplished business man, health advocate and successful entrepreneur in direct selling. He strongly support the network marketing method  as the best method to share the product uniqueness with the rest of the world. This method at the same time will help create other successful entrepreneurs that market the Wakaya line of healthy living products worldwide.

The Wakaya Business Opportunity and  Wakaya perfections offer a quality line of healthy products items that  are organic and pure. Those products are now being adopted internationally by organic wellness experts, celebrities and also renown chefs. In this way Wakaya offers a great and lucrative business business opportunity plus a great compensation plan for the Wakaya Ambassadors. You can join the Ambassadors ranks Click Here For Wakaya Wakaya Business

Wakaya Perfection offers a great deal of business simplicity, The distributors, known as Independent Ambassadors spreads Wakaya Perfection’s message of unique health and wellness benefit, its services and the wakaya business opportunity to others. This release them from the stress of managing products, making huge investments, dealing with suppliers or the stress of shipping products. This opportunity offers a flexible work life that comes in balance with nature and a personal individual environmental services.

From the exclusive collection of Wakaya perfection product ranging from the 100% Organic Pink Fijian Ginger, Sea Salt, Turmeric, Kava, Calcium Bentonite Clay, and Essential oil. Wakaya business opportunity offers one of the purest, finest and natural healing products on earth. Wakaya perfection products are highly innovative and comprehensive.

Wakaya Ambassador enjoys the compensation of substantial upfront income, perpetual ongoing income and also a luxury and lifestyle of perks and bonuses from the Wakaya Business Opportunity system.

Wakaya Business Opportunity In Heard Island