This adorable story comes to us from our friends at AOL!

Although summer has already come to a screeching end, at least one critter is doing everything he can to keep the magic of the season alive.

JoeJoe the capybara loves swimming in the pool at his home in Arizona (and who can blame him).

Here he can be seen diving deep below the surface of the water, paddling with his sharp claws and basking in the glory of the late summer heat.

The cutie featured in the adorable clip has the distinct honor of being one of the most famous capybaras in the world.

With a dedicated Twitter and Facebook following, JoeJoe’s daily adventures are always posted online for the world to see!

Just a few of the things that JoeJoe the capybara has been up to as of late? Hanging out on his lawn, finding the best grass to eat, drinking coconut milk, chilling with the family dogs, and eating waffles (and watermelons, and cereal, because why not)!

Not too shabby of a life, and all in a day’s work apparently if you are a capybara with a huge social media following.

Watch the video of JoeJoe the capybara hitting the pool below to brighten your day just a little bit.

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