When you were young, chances are you had to make every penny count. Maybe you held down a job that helped you pay some bills. Maybe you were even able to save money for bigger and better things, like a car or college but any expense counted. I know that I had to spend carefully when I was younger, sometimes even now!

One teen knows what it’s like to live paycheck to paycheck:Jourdan Duncan’s car broke down, and he didn’t have a choice but to walk to and from work that’s two hours each way.

The young man therefore spent four hours each day walking, simply because he knew he had to save for college, and to buy himself a new car.

Duncan also says that it’s not in his work ethic to ask others for favors as big as driving him around, because he doesn’t want to be a burden to others.

The 19-year-old was on his way to work when Corporal Kirk Keffer stopped him. Duncan thought he was in trouble, as first.

But the cop was touched and impressed by his story, and gave him a much-needed lift.

Theofficer didn’t stop there: He and other officerssurprised the teen with a gift after discovering his story. They bought him a mountain bike, which would cut his commute in half.

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Teen Walks 2 Hours To Work To Save Money, Then An Officer Stops Him In His Tracks To Help