Showering is one of the few times we are truly able to spend timeon our own without anyone nagging us. Well, unless you happened to invite someone to join you or your children are still in the zero boundaries stage. Otherwise, its the perfect opportunity to allow the warm water to help you relax.

We all have our own routines, but chances are youve been guilty of at least a few, if not all, of the silly moments below. You might think youre the only one who took the chance to kill two birds with one stone by bringing your toothbrush in with you or grabbing a drink before heading in, but youd be surprised by how common these 11 secrets are for everyone else, too!

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1. Relieving Yourself


The toiletmay beonly a few inches away, but who has the time to step out of the shower when you have a perfectly good drain right in front of you?

2. Blowing Your Nose


No need for a hankywhen there’s a handy stream of water to washaway your snotty nose.

3. Brushing Your Teeth


Really, it just makes sense to get this out of the way at the same time.

4. Cleaning The Walls


Sure, shampoo doesn’t really get the grime as well as more heavy duty cleansers, but it works in a pinch when you notice a spot.

5. Rinsing Laundry


Hey, the tag clearly says “hand wash only,” so why not get it taken care of while you’re washing yourself, too?

6. Taking A Seat


Hey, we all need a break every now and then, and there’s no more relaxing place to take a breather than under the warm flowing water.

7. Enjoying A Snack…


Maybe you were in a rush to get out the door, or maybe you just knew you’d need the energy boost, but there’s no shame in a soggy snack now and then.

8. …And A Drink


Sometimes you just want something with more flavor than the water from your shower head.

9. Auditioning For ‘The Voice’


Or whicheversingingtalent competition you justknow you could crush with your rendition of “My Heart Will Go On.”

10. Accepting Your Academy Award


There are just so many people to thank! You have to be prepared so that you don’t leave anyone out.

11. Coming Up With The Perfect Zinger


Man, if only the guy from the office who made a joke aboutyour new haircut could hear what you should have said to him…two days ago.

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