Every once in a while, a publication latches onto a subject with such zeal and ferocity, it’s impossible to imagine one entity existing (or at least thriving) without the other. In the 1980s, there was Donald Trump and Spy; in the ’90s, People and Princess Di; in the mid-’00s, Julia Allison and the late Gawker. Nowadays, there’s no media alliance more symbiotic (or more uneasy) than the one between disgraced New York politico Anthony Weiner and the New York Post.

In the last five years, Weiner has provided the Manhattan tabloid with not one, not two, but three sexting-related scandalsincluding the most recent incident, which finally prompted Weiner’s wife, Huma Abedin, to leave him for good. ThePost has greeted all of these revelationsand pretty much every other incident in Weiner’s life, including the birth of a son in 2011with the most knowingly crass, pun-propulsed headlines imaginable: Today’s cover line, for example, was “Huma Cuts off Weiner,” a nod to Abedin’s decision to split, though we also would have accepted “Movin’ Out (Anthony’s Schlong)”. Herewith, our ranking of the Post’s cover-language oeuvre, from overly cocksure to delightfully dorky:

18. “Naked Truth,” June 7, 2011

17. “Obama Beats Weiner,” June 14, 2011

16. “Too Hard to Stop,” July 24, 2013

Apparently, there was also a version of the July 24 edition with the far more straightforward headline “Meet Carlos Danger.” Maybe the Post editors were trying out two different versions? It wouldn’t surprise us to learn they were chronic, masterly beta-testers.

15. “Cuomo Beats Weiner … then Goes Limp,” May 24, 2013

14. “Pop Goes the Weasel,” June 9, 2011

13. “Hide the Weiner,” June 6, 2011

12. “Hard Numbers,” July 26, 2013

11. “Pop Goes the Weiner,” August 29, 2016

10. “Can’t Keep Weiner Down,” June 28, 2011

9. “Operation Comeback/Weiner Shows Off His Little One,” July 19, 2012

8. “Hung Out to Dry,” June 12, 2011

7. “Weiner’s Rise and Fall,” June 17, 2011

6. “A Little Weiner: Baby Boy for Huma and Louse,” December 22, 2011

5. “Fall on Your Sword, Weiner!,” June 8, 2011

4. “Weiner: I’ll Stick It Out,” June 10, 2011

3. “Huma Cuts Off Weiner,” August 30, 2016

2. “Weiner’s Second Coming!/Anthony: Erect Me Mr. Mayor,” April 11, 2013

1. “Battle of the Bulge/Weiner Exposed,” June 2, 2011

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18 New York Post Anthony Weiner Headline Puns, Ranked
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