Do you ever feel like just getting away from all the clutter, chaos, and cost of your normal, everyday life?

Maybe you spend your time daydreaming about a smaller, simpler life like those who choose to downsize their living space into compact and completely functional tiny homes. Those individuals, like the young teen who built her own house from scratch in New Zealand, always inspire me to make life a little less complicated.

For the couple below, though, they wanted to make sure their abode also gave them the opportunity to travel the country. Rather than go with a traditional RV option, they decided to renovate an old bus with their own unique style.

The conversion process took the pair about three months to complete, but as you can see in the tour below, it totally paid off. Working with a 1993 school bus, I couldn’t help but getseveral flashbacks to my elementary school days as the young woman walks us through the amazing interior design.

Complete with a kitchen, bathroom, and even space for others to tag along, the Bohemian nomads definitely inspire me to embrace thestripped-down, uncomplicated side of life.

On top of the impressive interior, I am especially fond of the coat of pale, minty green they chose for the vehicle’s exterior.

Take a look to see their amazing take on a mobile home.

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