When I think of a bald eagle, I think of a very large, strong, and cunning bird.

Its majestic attributes are one of the reasons that the bald eagle was chosen as a symbol to represent the United States of America in the late 1700s.

I’ve never had the opportunity to see a bald eagle in its natural habitat, but I imagine it’s quite a sight to see. The massive birds can grow to have a wingspan of over six feet and can dive toward the Earth to catch theirprey at nearly 100 miles per hour.

Although the bald eagle was removed from the federal list of endangered animals, there are still strictlaws in place that protect these magnificent birds. Despite these laws, thereis still something out there that’s causing the birds to lose all their strength.

Just last week, a bald eagle was found starving, on the brink of death.

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As landowners were walking their property one day, they spotted a beautiful bald eagle, but something was wrong. They reached out to Raptor Education Group, Inc.(REGI) for help.

Rescuers were surprised to find the proud bird was far too weak to fight. He allowed the staff to gently pick him up and carry him to safety.

Weighing in at just over five pounds, the bald eagle was extremely underweight and starving to death. The culprit? Lead poisoning.

How does a bald eagle take in so much lead? The simple answer is humans.

Mostly, people and the pollution they leave behind are to blame for this poor, iconic bird’s condition. Hunters leave behind bullets, fishermen leave behind fishing sinkers, lead paint chips away into the breeze. All of these are cause for lead poisoning.

Treatment for the bald eagle began simply enough. The rescuers washed the eagle’s feet where poisons and pesticides couldeasily be absorbed.

Unfortunately, in order for the bald eagle to fully recover, he required extremely expensive medication.

“It is a very difficult process for the birds and very expensive for us,” Marge Gibson, REGI staff, told the Dodo.

“It was not unusual for pharmacy cost on a single lead poisoned eagle to be $1,500.”

Lead poisoning in birds causes the digestive system to shut down asthe bird slowly begins to starve. Fortunately for this bald eagle, it looks like he got help just in time.

“Lead poisoning is a huge problem,” Gibson explained. “People need to know about it.”

Help to prevent lead poisoning in one of our nation’s most recognized emblems by simply cleaning up after your hunting and fishing trips and avoiding lead-based products.

Thanks to these amazingrescue workers, this beautifulcreature will now have a second chance at a happy and healthy life.

Watch the video below to see the incredible moment another bald eagle lands on a man’s arm.

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Rescuers Save Magnificent Bald Eagle From The Brink Of Death
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