Nowadays, it’s hard to imagine life without technology. Our cellphones are always in hand, and we use the Internet everyday. Communication with others never ceases, and there are so many ways to get in touch with friends and loved ones – you can make a phone call, send them a text message, and even contact them on social media! Times truly have changed, even in just the past few decades…

But back in the time of our parents and grandparents, you had to send letters to people you wanted to talk to, especially if they were in the military. “Snail mail” was the best and sometimes only way to communicate – and while we may see that as inconvenient and slow, it makes for some very interesting relics from a bygone era.

During World War II,Private First Class Leonard Long sent dozens of love letters to his wife, Beatrice, and their son. Beatrice kept those letter for many years – even keeping them in a hidden drawer in the retirement she lived in.

After her passing, the letters were discovered, and in an effort to find the family to whom the letter should return to, were put on the news.

That’s whenLorene Rutter and Linda Gill, Beatrice’s cousins, saw the papers and knew, without a doubt, that the letters were from Leonard.

They claimed the family heirloom, and perused through them. Not only were they unaware that the letters even existed, they were excited to take a peek into what like during the war was like.

Now, they’re even calling it a miracle that the letters were found!


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