As someone who lives in NYC, I’m more than familiar with making myself comfortable in a teeny, tiny living space.

Any claustrophobic feelings I might have had went out the one small window in my room when I decided to live here. It’s a far cry from the scenery I enjoyed growing up in the south, but it’sprobably why I’m so drawn to folks who have found a way to adapt to smaller homes especially when they’re situated somewhere with such a great view!

That’s exactly what I love about the amazing couple in the clip below. Pascal and Catherine wanted an escape from the city life, so they found an inexpensive getaway with their second home inKamouraska, Quebec.

It only took 40 days for them to complete this little mini mansion to their specifications. Fixated among plenty of nature and wildlife, their teeny abode fits them both perfectly.

While on a tour of the home with each of them, Exploring Alternatives co-host Danielle is taken aback by how cohesive and comfortable the pair has managed to make such a small space encompass.

In fact, they were so pleased with their success that they started a company helping other folks achieve their minuscule home dreams with a business calledMa Maison Logique.

The title translates to, ‘my logical house,’ which I’m sure you’ll agree they have when you see their amazing home away from home.

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