Many DIY-ers not only enjoy sharing their workwith peers, but alsomethodically guiding their fellow makersthrough projects, step-by-step.

This practicefostersconstantreinvention, where builders canrework each others’ projects, improving upon the genius of each others’ designs.

Instructables userDJC2was recently inspired by all the cable drums he’d been seeing his online peers transform into adorable coffee tables, and decided to give the idea a try.

He found a tired-looking cable drum, and got to work transforming it into his dream coffee table.

After reinforcing one of its loose sides with thin pallet boards, he outfitted it with six new dowels, so that he’d be able to eventually rest books along its lower edge.

With a fresh coat of paint and a new set of wheels affixed to its bottom, this old, junky cable drumblossomed into a remarkable new home addition!

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Instructables userDJC2recently used his upcycling talents to transform an old cable drum into a remarkably adorable coffee table.

To kick his project off, he swapped one of the cable drum’s loose faces with thin, reshaped pallet boards, re-stabilizing its structure.


Next, he screwed three wheels onto what would become the coffee table’s base.

These wheels would make moving the coffee table around his living room easier in the future.


This builderalso added six evenly spaced dowels to his new coffee table design.

These dowels would help keep the books he planned to stack along his table’s base organized.


With a fresh coat of paint, this table was finally complete!

Once his DIY creationdried, he loaded it up with books, and found a lovely spot for it, perfectly positioned for all to admire.


What was once a tired, empty cable drum was now bursting with beautiful new life.


This DIY-er saw potential in an old cable drum and transformed it into an adorable little coffee table.

What do you think of this cable drum table?Would you want one in your home? Let us know in the comments.

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