When Destiny was just in first grade, her older brother, an Airman, was assigned to a base in England. He was going to be on that assignment for three very long years.

When you’re a little girl betweenthe ages of 6 and 10,time moves a little slower than it does for adults. Think back to how long one school year seemed to take when you were that young, compared to how quickly a year flies past now. It’s almost like a blink of an eye.

ForDestiny, those years were even longer, because she was missing her big brother every single day. These are formative years of her life and to spend them without her very own brother at her side wasn’t easy.

This isn’t an easy thing for anyone to go through, but so many families miss their overseas family members every day. The men and women that enlist in our military are some of the bravest souls out there, and it’s such a selfless thing to do.

We’re always proud of our servicemen and women, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that we miss them dearly and worry about them when they’re gone for months or years at a time.

Distance can make the heart grow fonder, but it can also be really, really difficult.

Just watch Destiny’s face when she sees him… no trouble recognizing the man facing her at all.


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Airman Who Was Gone For 4 Years Comes Home To Surprise His Little Sister