Beforemy older brother was born, the doctors discovered the umbilical cord dangerously wrapped around his neckduring my mom’scheck-up. That meant their plans for delivery needed to be changed, and a C-section was scheduled.

By the time I came around two years later, the doctors again told her she should go with a cesarean even though there were no complications.She had no idea that giving birth vaginally was even an option, something expectant mothers are still often in the dark about today.

When parents Cullen and Katiewelcomed their first child, a girl they named Macey Gaines, Katiewas dealing with some slightly high blood pressure and they decided a C-section was the way to go. However, when they found out they were pregnant with baby number two, they decided on a different birth path.

Known as a “vbac,” or “vaginal birth after cesarean,” it’ssomething most women are perfectly capable of enduring, but many doctors neglect to inform them. Thanks to word spreading throughoutthe birthing community, Katie knew she would be just fine bringing her son into the world.

The video follows as she begins to feel contractions in the morning with emotions running understandably high. Katie can’t even look at sentimental videos on Instagram without tearing up.

You can also tell she’s in a lot of pain with each contraction, butas the big moment gets closer, the staff administersanepidural, much to Mama’srelief!

Soon it’s time to start pushing and finally meet their little man. Take a look to see their precious infant reachingfor his mommy.

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