When Jimmy Fallon took over The Tonight Show in 2014, I knew that late-night TV was in for a treat.

I mean, Jimmy is the creative mind behind the popular segment “Lip Sync Battle,” which did so well it got its own TV show. Remember when he battled Ellen DeGeneres and she performed a Rihanna song like she wereborn to be a rapper?

Shortly after he began his stint as host ofThe Tonight Show, Jimmy had retired basketball great Shaquille O’Neal on to promote his new show at the time.

Shaq isn’t exactly a little guy. You don’t play center for the Orlando Magic and Los Angeles Lakers if you’re tiny! But I had no idea until I saw this video just how big Shaq is.

Being a late-night host, Jimmy can ask his guests just about any question. Which is how we found out Shaq wears a size 58 blazer!

Shaq actually has his own clothing linethat, as he assures Jimmy, fits everyone! Which Jimmy then immediately puts to the test.

You can see in the video below that Shaq’s blazer is just a bit too big on Jimmy. The best part of this entire thing is that Shaq tries to put on Jimmy’s blazer! But he can’t even get his arm in the sleeve.

If you like this video, you’ll love when Jimmy had Justin Timberlakeon the show to sing with his barbershop quartet!

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Jimmy Fallon And Shaq Switching Suit Jackets Is The Funniest Thing Youll See All Day
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