Every summer, I wonder why on Earth I don’t have a pool. Life would be so much easier if there was a pool in my yard!

It looks like humans aren’t the only ones who get envious of our neighbor’s pool. But, unlike humans who stare at their neighbor’s pool through a window, one elephant actually decided to go on in.

One adventurous elephant stopped by a pool party and decided to take a few sips of water!

While staying at Elephant Sands, a safari camp in Botswana, Kerry Dunne and her husband were enjoying the pool when one of the elephants decided to jointheir party.

He just walks right up to the pool and sticks his trunk in the water! But don’t worry, the pool is not chlorinated so this elephant wasn’t in any danger.

He apparently enjoyed the pool so much, he came up several more times during the day! Kerry’s camera isn’t zoomed in at all, the elephant was that close.

If you liked this elephant visitor, you’ll love the zoo in Japan that built a swimming pool just for their elephants! Visitors can watch the elephants swim through a glass window.

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Adorable Elephant Crashes A Humans Pool Party
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