Its telling that Warner Bros. started their massive Saturday-opening Comic-Con International Hall H panel by showing off Wonder Woman. Starring Gal Gadot as Diana Prince and directed by Monster mastermind Patty Jenkins, itll be the first major comic book adaptation to hit theaters with a female superhero in the modern (i.e. post-Iron Man)era. And everyone knows it.

I feel so fortunate to be the person here in this window [for movies with female superheroes], Jenkins said after being introduced by moderator Conan OBrien and asked about the responsibility of taking on such an iconic character. It feels like the best time to make this movie. So Im psyched.

Theres a lot riding on Wonder Womans shouldersand there will likely be just as muchmisogynist criticism shell needto deflect with her bracelets. Luckily, as seen in the massive first trailer Jenkins showed, Diana Princes big cinematic debut wont be a letdown. Dark, but not trying to be gritty, funny but not trying to be cute, Jenkins movie feels very aware of the fact that it needs to tell a smart story. In the trailer’s kicker, Diana asks what a secretary is. When shes told that a secretary goes to where shes told and does what shes told, Wonder Woman responds: the word where Icome from, thats called slavery.

Yes, Wonder Woman has a message as much as Wonder Woman does. And Jenkins knows this. During her movies panel she noted that the world now has tragedies almost daily and needs love and forgiveness. Touchy-feely? Yes, but also, at a base level, true. In its simplest form, a Wonder Woman movie will be escapism. On a more highfalutin level, the fact that were finally getting a superhero movie led by a female character shows that, as crappy as things are, change is possible. (Am I high on Hall H fumes for saying that? Probably. But it feels true.)

And the shoulders carrying this are the very capable ones of Gal Gadot. For those who dont remember, last year at Comic-Con she stood up for a young boy who wanted to wear a Wonder Woman T-shirtsomething that a fan brought up during her Q&A sessino today. For those who dont remember Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (why would you?), she was that films savior. When her solo film drops next summer, she might save that, too. Judging by her performance in both the movies first trailer and its panel, its a responsibility shell wear well.

Its an honor and a privilege to be given the opportunity to play this character, she said this morning. Knowing how many people care for this character, I do feel that responsibility. to portray this character in a way that everyone can relate to.

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