Who would’ve ever thought that an international mystery would be hidden inside a package of girl’s underwear?

In 2015, Nicole bought a package of pink Tinkerbell underwear for her young daughter. It was a brand new pack, but she bought it second-hand at a mom-to-mom sale in her Michigan hometown.

When she opened the package and unfolded the underwear, a tiny piece of cardboard fell out and onto the bed. There was a handwritten note on it with three chilling words. “Help me plz” was scribbled on the front. On the back there was a woman’s name, phone number and a location: the Philippines.

“I was terrified,” Nicole told ABC News. “I just felt like everything just dropped to my stomach.”

Nicole emailed the manufacturer, and in return she got an apology and an offer to send her a new pack of underwear. But still, Nicole couldn’t shake the unsettling feeling that the woman who packed the underwear was crying out for help. She worried it was a case of forced labor, and as a mother, this was deeply disturbing. Themanufacturer said it could have been a silly prank added in during the packaging process and that had the underwear come from China he would be much more concerned, but working conditions in the Philippines are much more friendly.

Unsatisfied, Nicole also contacted the FBI and the media. But still, no solid answers.

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Woman Finds Help Me Note In Package Of Underwear