It’s a stressful thing, sending kids off to school and leaving them in the care of other people. All we can do is hope those people are equipped with the tools and know-how if and when disaster strikes.

In 2015, one Missouri woman proved there are wonderful and heroic teachers out there who can indeed be trusted during emergency situations. Mrs. Berry, a science teacher at Hallsville Middle School, was going about her day as usual. She was busy teaching her sixth grade class when she suddenly heard strange sounds coming from right outside her classroom door. She knew something was wrong, so she stopped her lesson and peeked outside in the hallway.

That’s when Berry noticed her former student, Gage Donner, standing in the hallway in what seemed to be a state of panic. Gabe’s face was turning white and his eyes were bulging. He pointed at his throat while his good friend alerted her to the fact Gabe was choking on a piece of candy. Without any hesitation whatsoever, Berry sprung into action and performed the Heimlich maneuver on the terrified eighth grader.

The entire harrowing scene was caught on the school’s surveillance camera.

Incredibly, Berry had no formal training in the Heimlich maneuver, but she watched her father perform it on her mother when she was a little girl. After she saved Gabe’s life, she called her dad to thank him for the lifesaving lesson. Had she not been there at the right place and time,things could have taken a tragic turn.

Berry was honored with the Hometown Hero Award, and Gage’s parents surprised her with flowers.

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