Children are unpredictable. No matter the occasion, its hard to avoid the inexplicable experiences that occur whenwatching our beloved little ones.

But regardless of those minor unexplainable moments we sometimes havewith them, it always comes down to keeping them protected.

In this short clip, we see a toddler swinging away on a swing set. Its obvious shes having a grand time on her swing with Dad right beside her. But as shes swinging, shegoes maybea bit too high. Whenthe swing goes upat the :08 mark, you can see this toddler start to fall backwards.

Luckily, Dad quickly extends a hand and saves her from taking a pretty bad fall that mighthave led to stitches. This instance reminded me of the time this dad in the supermarket had his child over his shoulders. As the young boy starts to slide off his fathers back, Dad catches him just in the nick of timeand it’s pretty amazing to see.

Its always assuring to see a parents quick reflexes when it comes to protecting their child.

Sure, its scary to see when watching the moment through a video. But its always a good feeling to know theyre safe and thattheir parents got to them before they hurt themselves.


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Dad Catches His Daughter From Falling Off A Swing Set
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