Following a friend’s wedding ceremony,Liz Krueger, 31, switched into a tightbodycon dress for the reception.It was 90 degrees outside, and whilesome of the other guests switched intojeans and baseball caps, Liz opted for more wedding-appropriate attire… or so she thought. The Minnesota-based fitness instructor never expected to be the center of ridicule during what should have been a joyous occasion.

Atone point during the wedding reception, Liz saysa woman snuck upbehind her and slapped her on the bottom as a dare while she stood all by herself. When Liz turned around, she saw a group of clearly intoxicated women giggling at her expense. But it didn’t stop there.

The group of bullies started gathering around her, staring and whispering. She said someone even spilled a beer down her arm without so much as a “sorry.” She feltunwelcome and embarrassed, but luckily she had the support of her husband and a few good friends.

Liz took to Instagram to share her story with a photo of her wearing her now-infamous dress. But she also hopes to encourage women to support each other, rather than bring each other down.

“Im going to actively make it a priority to do good things for other women, every single day from here on out,” she wrote.

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