One’s love for dancing knows no age.

The very younglove to shake to the beat, just as much as those much older do. And there are so many ways one can dance, and where, that it feels like it’s a natural instinct for people to at least tap their feet when they hear a catchy tune. Sometimes,even animals love music so muchthatthey move and stomp around!

No one wants to be the person without a partner to dance with, though. Luckily, one awesome senior citizen is here to teach us his genius ways to attract dance partners.

Of course, it takes some surprising killer dance moves to make the ladies flock toward him the elderly man sure can show how low he can go!

At first, it looks like he’s just dancing with one lucky lady at a function, but wait until the camera cuts to a different time over the course of the night. He doesn’t just woo one woman, but three different ones!

When I’m older, I hope to be able to get down just like this guy.

Anyone can tell that his moves are keeping him healthy and young at heart.


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Elderly Man Pulls Some Incredible Moves And Woos Several Dance Partners
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