There are some concepts and ideas that never go out of style, one of these being charity and giving to the less fortunate.

Even centuries ago, Europeans were creating shelters called “almshouses” that were financed and maintained by charitable individuals with money and time to spare for the homeless.

Today, the same principle is applied in thousandsof shelters and soup kitchens around the world.

But there is still much more to be done in order to handle homeless populations in most major cities.

Someshelters are creating cool programs specifically for woman and at-risk youth like this boutique-bedecked shelter.

Others, like the award-winning Holmes Road Studios, are offering amazingliving spaces surrounded by a communal garden.

This cool courtyard allows residents theopportunity to garden, learn, relax, and enjoy something that they helped build themselves.

Check down below to learn about the beautiful new studios.


Though proper housing for the homeless is a complication that every major city around the word faces, London’s newHolmes Road Studios are helping make life easier for some of the city’s displaced individuals.

Winner of theNew London Awards, the shelter takes inspiration from 10th-century poor houses called “almshouses.”

Originally European, these shelters were built and maintained by charitable individuals and offered to the poor, destitute, or elderly who could no longer afford their rent.

In similar spirit, the modernHolmes Road Studios will provideaccommodation for homeless individuals and displaced veterans, as well ascounseling spaces and classrooms.

It also has a courtyard garden that the rooms circle around, where some classes will take place.

The big, pretty courtyard will serve as a space for residents to foster a beautiful garden, complete with fruit trees, vegetable gardens, and flowers.

This will offer a sense of purpose and dignity to the residents and allow them to socialize, relax, and learn in a beautiful environment that they helped create!

Though the idea was created centuries ago, it is stillprevalent today; these shelter spaces allow for the more able and charitable to provide shelter, education, and fun to the less fortunate.

You can learn more about the innovative and inspiredHolmes Road Studios at thePeter Barber Architects website.

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