Puppies do the cutest things when they’re little! There is nothing more adorable than a puppy trying so hard to something they’ve seen a bigger dog do.

Usually, puppies see other dogs doing things and then try to mimic what they’ve seen. But because they’re so little, it’s comical to watch the puppy fail miserably! Just like this happy little pup trying to swim in the pool in time for summer.

Gracie is a labradorpuppy that lives with her dad, Peter Schulz. Gracie’s mom and grandmother both were Peter’s dogs and every morning, they’d bring him the paper. Not to be outdone by her ancestors, Gracie wants to bring dad the paper too! Even if she’s not big enough to carry it the whole way.

In the video, you can see little Gracie struggling to pick up the paper. It’s almost the same size as her! But with a lot of encouragement from her dad, she manages to pick up the paper and carry it all the way to the house! She needed to take a few breaks along the way, but Gracie did a great job. You can see her in all her cute glory in the video below!

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Tiny Puppy Desperately Tries To Bring The Paper To His Owner