Since it’s release in 1976, ‘Rocky’ has become a very big motivational film. The little guy can become the big guy and win the fight! The impossible isn’t actually impossible.

If you’re feeling run down, you can always turn to Rocky Balboa for a bit of inspiration. It’s no surprise why a little boy would look up to him! This baby loves ‘Rocky’ so much, he has memorized scenes in the movie and loves to actthem out!

He’s just like little Ryusei, who can perfectly mimic Bruce Lee’s movements! Both boys do spot on impression. This baby’s parent caught their Rocky Balboa impression on camera. He starts out bouncing on his toes, getting ready for the fight! For such a little guy, he really does a good job! You can see his perfect impression in the video below!

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This Baby Doing A Rocky Balboa Impression Is All The Motivation Youll Ever Need
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