Authorities are searching for the bear after victim was attacked near a campground just outside Glacier national park

Montana authorities say a grizzly bear attacked and killed a cyclist riding in the Flathead national forest just outside Glacier national park.

The victim was killed on Wednesday afternoon about a mile from a West Glacier campground run by KOA, Flathead County Sheriff Chuck Curry told the Associated Press.

He did not identify the person killed or immediately provide additional details about the circumstances surrounding the death. Information about the victim is being withheld pending family notifications.

Locator of Flathead national park

Curry said authorities were looking for the bear.

The campground is about three miles (5km) from the park entrance at West Glacier.

Bear attacks in the area are rare. Park officials said there had been 10 bear-related human deaths in Glacier since the park was created in 1910.

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Grizzly bear kills cyclist riding forest trail in Montana
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