Carroll Correll Jr of Virginia seeks judgment of behalf of both major parties delegates, arguing state laws force him to vote against his conscience

One of Virginias delegates to the Republican National Convention has filed a federal lawsuit in an effort to avoid voting for presumptive nominee Donald Trump at the party convention next month.

The delegate, Carroll Correll Jr of Winchester, Virginia, argued in the suit that being forced to vote against his conscience was a violation of his constitutional rights.

Correll said he would not vote for Trump because he believed the billionaire businessman was unfit to serve as president.

Corrells suit maintained that state law imposed criminal penalties on delegates who did not vote on the first ballot for the winner of the states Republican and Democratic primaries.

Trump won Virginias Republican primary, while Hillary Clinton won the Democratic contest.

Correll filed the suit on Friday in federal court in Richmond. He seeks a judgment on behalf of all delegates to the Republican and Democratic conventions.

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Republican delegate sues to avoid voting for Donald Trump at convention
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