(CNN)The 19th-century cityscape of Paris is about to change.

Wedged in between brick buildings and jutting out from rooftops will be a series of modern “parasite properties”.
    Glass, steel and wooden wonders designed to fill every precious nook of space in prime areas of the French capital, they will provide much-needed affordable inner-city housing.
    The price per square meter in the capital is at least double than in the rest of the country.
    Architect Stephane Malka describes the Paris 3BOX project as “an architectural Kama Sutra” for its flexibility and use of bizarre positions, and believes it could pave the way for affordable housing in other crowded cities.

    Filling the urban gaps

    Since the 1990s, the French architect has envisioned novel ways to utilize space in overcrowded cities using existing structures.


    Sidestepping paying for the land also helps keep the prices low.
    “As we are not entering that market. We are able to completely recreate a system.”

    Small scale thinking

    Going against the trend of large-scale architecture, Malka says projects like 3BOX could help resolve the housing crisis in European cities.
    “We need to work more with small interventions rather than destroying [buildings].”
    We could see “a new city forming on top of the existing city”, Malka says.
    The sky is literally the limit.

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    Parasite properties invade Paris’ 19th century cityscape