The Guardian scoured the Democratic National Committees 200-page research document on Donald Trump so that you dont have to heres what we found

An opposition research file about Donald Trump, compiled by the Democratic National Committee last year, has been leaked to the websites The Smoking Gun and Gawker. The file, which was stolen from DNC servers in a hack allegedly connected to Russian intelligence, contained a lot that will be familiar to those who have closely followed the candidacy of the presumptive Republican nominee.

Its not exactly a shock at this point that Trump wants to build a wall or that he wants Mexico to pay for it. But we scoured the 200-page document so you dont have to. Here are seven of the more interesting details about Trump (the Democratic strategy against him) contained in the document.

Democrats think Trump has no core

The beginning of the document includes top narratives for Democrats to use about Trumps divisive and offensive campaign, including that he is a bad businessman and has disastrous and irresponsible policies. However, the top message is that Trump has no core. The argument as laid out is that one thing is clear about Donald Trump, there is only one person he has ever looked out for and thats himself. Whether its American workers, the Republican Party, or his wives, Trumps only fidelity has been to himself. This is what Democratic strategists who compiled the document in December 2015 believed was the top argument against Trump.

Trumps life ambition was to be a film-maker

The presumptive Republican nominee told Larry King in 1990: I really wanted to be a film-maker. As Trump described it: I applied at one point, I remember, to the USC School of Cinema. But then I decided that the movie business wasnt as good as the real estate business.

Trump says he isnt that good at negotiation

In a 2011 interview with CNN, Trump, who has run on his ability to make good deals, played modest about his ability to negotiate. I dont bill myself as a top negotiator, Trump said at the time. Youre calling me, I dont call you, you know what I mean? I dont know if Im a good negotiator or not, but I never billed myself as a great negotiator. I dont like to talk that way. This contrasts with how close Trump aide Michael Cohen described the candidate in August, declaring him the best negotiator in the history of this world.

Trump hates the French

In 1999, Trump described France as the worst partner this country as ever had. He went on to accuse the French government of contributing to nuclear proliferation, alleging theyll sell a nuclear weapon to anybody giving them 10 cents more than the next guy and said they have to be taught respect.

Trump was opposed to deregulating the airlines

Airline deregulation in the 1970s is considered one of the great success stories of government bureaucracy. The result of a bipartisan efforts to allow for competition among consumers seeking to fly, it has resulted in dramatically lower prices. Trump, however, told Larry King in 1991: Im really a believer that they should not have deregulated the airlines. He continued: I think the airlines are Youre going to end up, again, with three airlines and I think youre going to have some real problems in the future. And then theyre going to be very powerful, by the way. Trump briefly owned an airline, the Trump Shuttle which flew passengers from LaGuardia to both Boston and Washington DC.

Coffee actually isnt for losers

While Trump often brags that he has never consumed alcohol, tobacco or drugs, his abstinence extends to coffee. The dossier reveals that Trump told Diane Sawyer in 1999: Ive never had a cup of coffee in my life. The real estate developer though does consume caffeine. Trump added Well, caffeine is caffeine. Look, Im not knocking coffee. Im not putting it into the same breath, but I just have chosen not to.

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